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John Norman's Outdoors Blog

This gallery is primarily Cave, Ghost Town and Outdoors photos of the Western US.
I've tried to provide some hisotrical background and real information on the locations where possible.
Please note that locations of some of these sites are not listed. Site names in quotes "" are not the real name.

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  • Total Eclipse 8-21-2017 Riverton, Wyoming

    39 photos

    Eclipse pictures, captured with Olympus OM-D EM5, 300mm lense, 100K:1 ND filter

  • Cave Team and L.A. County Mine Training

    40 photos

    Joint L.A. / Cave Team underground training at Tropico, CA

  • Sparklecon_4

    43 photos

    Sparklecon 2017 at 23b Shop

  • Mine Training/Mission 4-16

    66 photos in 2 sub-albums

    Live search mission and training at an abandoned Gold mining site.

  • Eastern Sierra Hot Springs - New Years 2015

    47 photos

    This was a week-long trip up Highway 395 and Route 6.

  • Darwin, CA underground SAR training 10.17.2015

    140 photos

    Joint training between Inyo County SAR and SBSD Cave Rescue Team. Held at the Darwin Project Mines in Darwin, CA.

  • Western Regional 2015

    52 photos in 2 sub-albums

    Work party pics from the Western Regional. http://www.westernregional2015.org

  • Mine Rescue 9.26.2015

    16 photos

    An 0300 rescue of a man trapped 40' down a vertical shaft near Adelanto. He ahd climbed down on a rope, which broke as his friends tried to pull it up with an ATV. Subject received only cuts and bruises.

  • Standardville, Utah

    28 photos

    Standardville is a coal mining town located deep in a canyon in Utah. Mining ceased in 1950, and it has been gradually decaying ever since.

  • Burro Schmidt's Tunnel 6/2015

    15 photos

    This half-mile long tunnel was built by one man over the course of about 20 years. It was finished in 1938, well after his mine claim on the other side of the mountain was played out. It's located about 40 minutes from Randsburg, CA.

  • "Emerald" Mine, Nevada

    112 photos

    Interesting mine with several "bugs" or natural caves that break in.

  • "Moss" Mine

    36 photos

    Mojave area mine. This place was last worked in the early 1980s, and was a strictly small-time operation that appeared to employ 1-3 people. The product was Gold.

  • Ludwig, NV

    20 photos

    Ludwig Nevada is a ghost town in Nevada. Built around the rich Copper deposits discovered in the area in the 1860s, its success was only sporadic. The large concrete-foundation the mill was completed around 1911 and was active until around 1914. There was another surge of activity with high demand for Copper in WWII, but it was soon abandoned and left to decay again. At it's peak, 1,000 people lived at the site.

  • Eagletail Mountain Mines

    8 photos

    This was a quick exploring trip with Werner to scout out the mines near the Eagle Tail Wilderness.

  • Arizona Petroglyphs - December 2014

    16 photos

    Located in Central Arizona, this canyon contains a spring and a collection of petroglyphs ranging in date from 3,500BCE to as recent as 500 AD.

  • Desert Rendezvous 2015

    9 photos

    Photos of the Desert Rendezvous 2015 sponsored by the American Adventurist Forum. Took place near Ocotillo Wells, CA.

  • Tecopa

    53 photos in 2 sub-albums

  • "Sky Pilot" Mine

    61 photos

    This mine sits at around 10,000' in the Sierra Nevada. It was worked from the late 1800s up through the 1950s. It is still in remarkably good condition, due to the chain of owners it had prior to being deeded to the USFS. 4WD with some clearance is needed to get up the steep road, and don't visit in Winter!